HB New: Cellar Ahuriri

Cellar AhuririOriginally published by: Lizzie Russell, Bay Buzz

Carl Hayes is fizzing. He opened the pop-up wine shop Deco City Cellars in Emerson Street for the summer, and as that ends its stint in the next couple of weeks, he has already launched his new permanent location in Bridge Street, Ahuriri.

I pull up at Cellar Ahuriri late morning on a Wednesday and the place has a sweet hum about it. The store opens up onto the sunny courtyard where the morning coffee drinkers at Miss Brown’s café perch, so there’s a sense of community and activity about the place. The whole front of the wine shop is open to the courtyard, so you walk from the warmth of the sunny seating area into the cool of the deep blue interior and you’re transported into wine-land.

Carl’s background in some of NZ and Melbourne’s most fabulous restaurants has left him well placed for developing his wide-ranging offering of wines and spirits. He’s proud of the fact you won’t find any of these on the supermarket shelves, and he and his team have tasted approximately 95% of the product, so you’re sure to find special wines with personal recommendations.

I’m keen to know how the move to Ahuriri has gone, into something longer-term after the successful summer in town. Carl says there’s been a really friendly welcome from the neighbourhood. “That’s a big difference – people actually live here. There’s a fantastic community and we’re excited to be a part of that.”

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