2019 Foradori Teroldego ‘Il Foradori’, Alto Adige

2019 Foradori Teroldego ‘Il Foradori’, Alto Adige


Elisabetta Foradori has been dedicated to the grape Teroldego for over 25 years. Elisabetta began experimenting with biodynamics in 2002 and, impressed by the changes in her vineyards, gained full Demeter certification in 2009, joining the VinNatur organisation along the way in 2007. As is often the case with wineries that farm according to the biodynamic principles, besides breaking their reliance on chemicals and creating healthier soils, they seem to connect the farmer more deeply with their land, enhancing the powers of observation, drawing them closer to the ebb and flow of site and season.⁠

This features plums, red berries and freshly baked bread on the nose, with a quenching and vivid display on the palate.⁠

Teroldego is a deeply colored red wine grape grown mostly in the mountainous Trentino wine region of northern Italy where it is the main dark-skinned variety. This variety produces deeply pigmented red wines with an intensely fruity character, a style that has become something of an icon for Trentino’s wine industry. It is soft and needs very little aging, usually being drunk within three years of bottling, though it can cellar well for up to 10 years.⁠

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