2020 Amoise Chenin Blanc, Hawke’s Bay

2020 Amoise Chenin Blanc, Hawke’s Bay


“The grapes were foot crushed in picking bins and left to soak for 18 hours to extract phenolics. Whole bunch pressed into old barrels. I made a vineyard starter (pied de cuve) with Chenin grapes that fermented naturally in the vineyard under the vines. I then inoculated my barrels with this tasty juice!
This is one of my longest fermenting wines (from harvest throughout winter!) and has tropical fruit notes of guava, mango with green apple and dry razor finish.  The label is a tasting note of all the fruit notes that came up during fermentation: mango, peach, guava & granny smith apple”. Amy Farnsworth, Winemaker.

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