Honest Six Spiced Botanical Rum 700ml

Honest Six Spiced Botanical Rum 700ml


You will get a burst of citrus and a delicate hint of vanilla, combined with aromatic notes like ginger and cloves.  It is intriguing and inviting.

On the palate, there is a powerful note of orange peel, followed by a subtle hint of scorched sugarcane leaving a velvety senstaion.  A lovely warmth of spice comes through with tones of cinnamon and ginger, and a lingering of nutmeg.

The finish leaves you with a warmth of spices, almost slightly reminiscent of cinnamon toast, and comforting undertones of cloves and elegant spice.

Tonka beans, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger & orange peel.

40% ABV

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